9:59 AM, 25/03/2016

Gov’t looks to control gender imbalance at birth

VGP – The PM has ratified a project to control gender imbalance at birth in the 2016-2025 period with a view to effectively compelling rising sex ratio at birth.

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It targets to bring sex ratio at birth to natural balance, contributing to raising human resource quality and the national cause of industrialization and modernization.

Specifically, it aims to keep the sex ratio at birth to 115 by 2020 (115 boys to 100 girls) and 107 in the post 2025 period, towards natural balance.

The project put forth measures including raising awareness of gender quality; encouraging policies and enforcement of the law to control sex imbalance at birth; and boosting international cooperation.

Specifically, it will pilot assistance policies which empower the role of women and girls in families, community, and society; make policies which support couples with all daughters in poor, nearly poor, ethnic minority, difficult households materially and spiritually.  

By Kim Anh

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