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4:41 PM, 31/03/2016

PM receives WB Country Director

VGP – Viet Nam has gained achievements in terms of socio-economic development and become a middle-income nation thanks to its efforts and effective cooperation and assistance from the international community.

Photo: VGP/Nhat Bac 

PM Nguyen Tan Dung made that statement at his reception for World Bank (WB) Country Director to Viet Nam Victoria Kwakwa on March 30.

Viet Nam still has to face a number of difficulties and challenges in enhancing development, increasing competitiveness, reducing poverty sustainably, promoting health and education, ensuring social welfare and security, overcoming consequences of the war and coping with climate change and high-rise sea level, he said.

He added that the nation expects to receive more assistance and cooperation from the international community, including the WB.

He proposed the WB continue assistance for Viet Nam in fields of human resource development, policy consultancy and technical assistance to help the nation successfully realize development goals and prevent the middle-income trap.

He also hoped the WB to continue raising the voice and coordinating with other nations in effectively and sustainably exploiting resources in the Mekong River, especially the water resource.

The PM highly appraised the outcomes of WB President Jim Yong Kim’s visit to Viet Nam in February and the two sides’ cooperation in establishing the “Viet Nam 2035: Toward Prosperity, Creativity, Equity and Democracy”.

The WB is doing its utmost to cooperate with the Vietnamese ministries and agencies in launching agreements during the WB President’s visit to Viet Nam and in the report Viet Nam 2035, affirmed the WB Country Director.

The WB hailed Viet Nam’s developments in socio-economic development, response to the global crisis, macro-economic sustainability, high growth rate and social welfare and security guaranty, she said, confirming that the WB committed to working with its partners to seek ways and roadmaps for the nation to ensure the financial resources for realizing development goals.

The WB is proud to take part in Viet Nam’s development process and always supports the nation to fulfill its development tasks, she revealed.

By Thuy Dung

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