2:57 PM, 26/10/2015

Scholarship policies for poor ethnic minority groups

VGP – Since January 1, 2016, ethnic minority pupils and students from poor households will get scholarship and financial support for personal utensils, Lunar New Year holidays, and transport fees.

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The PM has recently issued preferential policies for resident pupils and students who pursue higher education.

Accordingly, pupils and students from poor and nearly-poor households, and the handicapped will enjoy a scholarship which is equivalent to 100% of basic salary per month.

The scholarship equal to 80% of the monthly basic salary will be given to pupils and students in boarding schools, handicapped Kinh people in disadvantageous, island and border areas.

The scholarship equal to 60% of the monthly basic salary will cover Kinh people who live in extremely disadvantageous, island and border areas.

The benefitted people will get VND 1 million to purchase blanket, net, and clothes on every academic year.

They will receive VND 150,000 in aid for Lunar New Year festival and VND 300,000 for transport fees.  

In addition, they will be granted with healthcare insurance, learning cost assistance, as well as encouraging scholarships./.

By Kim Loan  

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